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Alumina Trihydrate
Alumina Trihydrate is widely used to manufacture PVC made cables and wires for its flame retardant attributes. Its application can also be noticed during rubber processing and polymer production methods. Also known as aluminum hydroxide, this chemical is toxin free. It easily dilutes in caustic soda and mineral based acid.

Calcined Alumina
Calcined Alumina is known for its good thermal properties, high melting point and exceptional abrasion resistance capacity. Reckoned for its high hardness level, it has good flowing characteristics. This chemical is difficult to dilute in alkali and acid. It helps to improve wear, corrosion and heat resistance capacity of ceramic and refractory items.
Sodium Aluminates
Sodium Aluminates are used as essential elements for the formulation of alumina hydrate. These chemicals are instrumental in improving anti static and anti pilling attributes of acrylic synthetic fiber. These are also useful for enhancing dispersing features of fillers. As effective substitute of titanium dioxide based pigment, these help to prolong  paint treated external surface of concrete structure.

Activated Alumina
Accessible in different grades, Activated Alumina possesses large surface area and is reckoned for its good porous characteristics. It is used as an essential part of co precipitation technique for effective elimination of arsenic. It helps to enhance functional life of reverse osmosis membrane when used in water pre treatment procedure.
Aluminium Hydroxide
Industrial grade Aluminum Hydroxide is used as suitable insulating factor, flame retardant medium and filler material. Available in free flow powder form, this chemical tends to react with alkali and acid to produce water and salt. Due to its acid content, it is also mentioned as aluminum acid. Its pharmaceutical grade is required to formulate antacid.
Alumina Powder
Alumina Powder is insoluble in alkali and acid. Its application can be noticed in engineering ceramic and electromagnetic parts production units. It contributes to wear resistance properties and heat protection capacity to produce items. High flowing characteristics, cost effectiveness, impurities free content, good sintering features and corrosion prevention capacity are its distinctive attributes.
Alumina Hydrate
Commonly referred as alum hydrate, the offered Alumina Hydrate is known for its high flow characteristics. It helps to enhance opacity level of enamel. The water content of this chemical depends on its chemical content. The inclusion of this chemical in glass production process helps to minimize bubble generation. Long shelf life is one of its main attributes.

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